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Great benefits make happy people. At Valued we provide exclusive benefits for individuals and employers that ease the cost of living and encourage employee engagement through a large network of merchant partners in the UAE.

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Feel Valued
We’re all about people, not rewards.
Valued is not a rewards scheme. Instead, our focus is on creating real value for our members – whether they’re individuals or organisations employing individuals – along with their families and friends.


We believe that everyone should feel valued. Valued is the first membership scheme in the region that gives individuals and employers access to benefits normally reserved for corporates and businesses. This includes savings on the everyday things you already buy as part of your lifestyle, along with great savings on the little luxuries that are now more affordable.

The Membership


Working with a network of quality merchants in the region, we’re able to harness our bargaining power to your advantage and negotiate the most competitive rates on everyday and premium goods and services. Our number one goal is to ease the cost of living for Valued members by passing on these savings, with additional perks of real value offered as free benefits.

For Everyone


Making you feel valued is our top priority. There are 300,000 companies across the UAE representing more than five million employees, the majority of which have never experienced the privileges associated with working for large corporates. At Valued we strive to give you access to a world of outstanding benefits that level this playing field, with no hidden catches.

The Difference


As individual as you are, Valued membership schemes are designed to suit your unique lifestyle and help ease your cost of living. No matter which membership you choose, the same value applies: more choice, a quality range and unbeatable value.  Times are tough enough, so we work hard to bring down the costs of things you already have to spend money on, giving you more time to focus on the things that really matter.

Valued individual memberships all offer a great range of lifestyle and retail benefits, from lower education costs to cheaper groceries. We give you access to unbeatable rates with reputable companies, along with complimentary perks, and the freedom to join anytime, anywhere to start enjoying them.



Progressive employers will want to reward their staff with the benefits of a Valued membership. We offer ready-made employee benefit schemes for businesses co-branded with your company name, delivering bespoke perks and privileges to every member of your organisation, with additional guidance and support to help keep your valued staff motivated and productive both inside and outside of work.

Research shows that how valued employee’s feel directly influences work behaviour, attendance and engagement. High performance companies clearly understand the human capital driven benefits and work behaviour equation. Valued helps businesses of all sizes advance the engagement of their most vital asset – their people, by offering a genuine focus on delivering valuable benefits to you and your employees both inside and outside the work environment.



We carefully select our merchant partners to provide maximum value for all our members. The benefits we seek must always support our goal of helping members reduce their cost of living while giving them access to more affordable services, select luxuries, and complimentary perks. In return, your business becomes a preferred supplier for our community of highly engaged individuals and employees.

We select exclusive quality partners to be preferred suppliers which drives sustainable and measurable revenue growth for your business. As a qualifying merchant, Valued helps you create up-sell opportunities by leveraging positive word-of-mouth with regular communication helping you attract new customers, both inside and outside the scheme. Moreover, Valued app transactions provide insights to the customer experience, helping you stay ahead of the curve and deliver premium service.