Individual Schemes

Valued Lifestyle and Valued Lite
Valued benefit schemes are not just for employees. We believe everyone should feel valued, no matter who you are. Our schemes create the opportunity for you to realise real savings of real value from your everyday expenses, and so our individual membership schemes focus on the essential things you spend your hard-earned money on. Times are tough enough already, so we work hard to bring everyday costs down for you, with the added bonus of free and exclusive Valued perks and privileges.

Valued Lifestyle

Cost: 590 AED/year

Our most comprehensive benefit scheme, Valued Lifestyle gives you the ultimate opportunity to save on essential spending with a comprehensive array of partners focused on your everyday expenses. All of life’s essentials are included in the Valued Lifestyle scheme – helping you cut the cost of living in a meaningful way.

Valued Lifestyle offers exceptional savings on necessities such as car and medical insurance, airline tickets, education fees and much more. Estimated savings are in excess of 10,000 Dirhams and our carefully-selected lifestyle perks include complimentary dental check-ups, limousine services, meals and leisure activities.


Valued Lite

Cost: 190 AED/year

For a more affordable entry to the world of Valued, Valued Lite includes some of our most popular perks, privileges and rewards that represent great value without all the trimmings. Valued Lite is ideal for individuals who want to save on everyday expenses yet also enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Valued Lite members receive free cinema tickets and recreational activities, haircuts, meals, and an array of extraordinary perks. Reward savings for members span everything from groceries, electronics and clothing to transport.



Employer Schemes

Valued Business
Research shows that how valued employee's feel directly influences work behaviour, attendance and engagement. High performance companies clearly understand the human capital driven benefits and work behaviour equation. Valued helps businesses of all sizes advance the engagement of their most vital asset - their people, by offering a genuine focus on delivering valuable benefits to you and your employees both inside and outside the work environment.

Valued Business

Valued is ideal for companies that either don’t have their own employee benefit scheme or whose existing scheme isn’t optimised to deliver the sort of value a Valued membership can. It’s an excellent tool to motivate, reward and retain employee talent in the workplace, using our purchasing power to give your employees a range of savings on life’s essential expenses, from shopping to education, along with free perks, privileges and rewards for them and for you.

As an employer you can select from any of the Valued membership schemes for your employees, or create a mix of the schemes to suit the types and number of people you employ. Valued employee benefit schemes work as a cost-effective surrogate to salary increases or bonus payments, and as a Valued customer, you automatically benefit from competitive health insurance rates for your employees. Valued schemes can also be co-branded with your company name.